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Why is search engine great for marketing?


Nowadays people don’t really go to the library when they need to do research and find answers. Everyone knows just Google it. Because there are lots of users searching anything everyday, Google Search Engine becomes a great place to get exposure. Also they captured lots of data on each search behaviour, time by time their power gets bigger so that they can help advertisers target the right audiences to display the ads.   


💡 Why is Search Engine such a great place to be?

It’s a way to target people who are already looking for you.


👉  Each search engine all perform three tasks:
  • Crawling: they examine content they learn about and have permission to see.
  • Indexing: they categorise each piece of content.
  • Ranking: they decide which content is most useful to searchers.


👉  What search engines like? 

Good Relevant Content.




There are 2 ways to leverage search engines for your marketing.


 👉  SEO: Search Engine Optimisation

It’s an Organic Search to be shown on Unpaid Search Results.

🚩  TIPS: How to help Search Engine to find you?

  • Web Page Title
  • Web Page Texts
  • Image File Name


👉  SEM: Search Engine Marketing

It’s a Paid Search Advertising to display Paid Ad Search Results.

Also be called Pay-per-click Advertising. Advertisers only pay when someone clicks on their ad. So if your ad appears, but no one clicks on it, you won’t be charged.

🚩 TIPS: How do search engines decide who wins?
The primary components are the bid and the quality.



💡 Free Google Search Console 

Want to know how your online presences perform on search results?
Track your site’s search performance. See which pages appear in search and get clicks.

👉  2 primary functions:
  • It monitors your performance in Google Search results.
  • It shows you how Google “sees” your site.


👉  2 important handy features:
  • Crawl Reports: Let you monitor whether Google can visit your web pages.
  • Google Index Reports: It shows what information Google recorded about your site and tells you if your pages are accessible.

🚩  TIPS: 

Check out Google Search Console here:




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