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How to start digital marketing and advertise online?


We have introduced social media advertising. This is an expressway to start basic advertising. Now let’s talk about the real advertisements you see online.

💡 2 most popular ways


👉  Search Engine Marketing

With search engine marketing, advertisers use this insight to reach potential customers as they are actively looking for something. So people tell search engines what they want online. And advertisers bid for their ads to show up in response to the words and phrases people search for.



👉  Display Advertising

Finding websites where your potential customers are likely to be spending time, or targeting people who have shown specific interests through the sites they visit or other online behaviours. You can place your ads on these sites to be shown in front of the right people. And there are different formats. Always check the specs before you create your ad materials.




💡 Difference between search and display

Search and display advertising can both attract new customers, just in different ways.

👉  Who can find you
  • Search: A person who is actively using a search engine to find the products or services you provide is almost definitely a potential customer.
  • Display: The person it targets isn’t necessarily searching for business like yours, or showing interest in the products or services you offer.


👉  Where to show up
  • Search: Your ad can only show up when people are searching.
  • Display: Your ads can show up on any website that’s offering advertising space.


👉  Ad formats
  • Search: The ads on search engines are usually just made up of text. There’s typically some kind of a headline, some descriptive text, a link you can click, and maybe a few other things, like an address or phone number, depending on what options the search engine offers.
  • Display: Gives advertisers a lot more creative options: different sizes and formats, images, video, and more. This means there are lots more opportunities to get a potential customer’s attention.



🤓  Keep in mind  

Understanding users’ behaviour and intention when they see your ads on search results or relevant websites will help content planning. You can have both displays with different content cause users will have different level of needs at different research stages.




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