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Know more about digital display advertising


We have talked about how to start digital marketing and advertise online and introduce 2 ways of Search Engine Marketing and Display Advertising. Now we will discuss more about Display Advertising. It is another topic itself.


💡 Display advertising

Display advertising is the digital version of a billboard, print ad or TV ad you see offline. In the online world of display advertising, ad space isn’t on billboards or TV channels but on the websites we visit. Display advertising gives businesses the chance to pay for their ads to appear when the right type of person is on the right type of page.


👉  The Options
  • You can make deals directly with the owners of a website. Or you can use networks that match businesses with lots of different websites that have ad space to sell. (E.g. Google Ads)
  • You can decide where to show your ads. On specific web pages, or to specific groups of people—or even both.


👉  Why Display Advertising?
  • Reach relevant audiences.
  • Drive traffic to your website.
  • Build engagement with your visitors.
  • Win new customers.




💡 Display advertising platforms

What specific targeting options you can limit to show your ads.

👉  Placements

You can assign your ads on where you want to be advertising by defining specific websites, individual pages on those websites and even specific areas on those individual pages that you want your adverts to appear on.

👉  Time

You can schedule your ads to be shown on certain days or times, based on your research and strategy when your targeted group will be active on internet with the intention you are expecting.

 👉  People

You can target on gender, age group, language or by very specific locations. And even the things they do online, regardless of the sites they’re browsing.


🤓  Keep in mind  

  • There are banner adverts in all sorts of shapes, sizes and formats.
  • You’ll want to match the content with the audience you are targeting.



💡 Display Advertising networks

If you don’t want to deal with specific websites, you can choose the networks who automate the process for you like an agent. Display advertising networks are like a middleman, connecting businesses who want to advertise, with websites with ad space to sell. 


👉  What Display Advertising Networks do actually?
  • A marketplace that brings businesses and websites together, helping manage the transactions.
  • They handle both the buying and the selling of display ads, linking businesses to websites that want to sell advertising space.
  • Buying and selling ads happens every second of every day, and the networks collect money from businesses and pay the websites that show the ads.
  • Advertising networks collect and share data with businesses. They can tell you how many times your ads are shown and clicked on, how much they cost you, where they’ve been showing up, and how all of this varies between the websites and audiences you’re targeting.
  • Many networks even let you add tracking to your web pages so you can see if your ads are resulting in conversions on your website.



👉  Advertise space also available

They also offer businesses looking to advertise ad space on websites.

  • Websites that offer these ad spaces can become a part of these networks, and they can do things like set minimum prices for how much money they expect for showing ads.
  • Your business can then bid for the spots you want throughout all the websites in that network, deciding how much you’re willing to pay. Buyers and sellers are connected every single time pages are loaded, and the ads that win the right to fill the ad spot are shown.



👉  Networks can also help you target specific audiences through 2 main routes:
  1. The topics of the web pages where the ads appear.
  2. General information about the people viewing the content.



💡 Retargeting Advertising

Since nowadays the internet content is so overwhelming for users, people easily forget what was in their mind even 30 mins ago, so we have to be “reminded”. Have you ever seen the ads following you all across the internet? That means you are tracked by a Retargeting Advertising. 


You want to target people that you know have been researching you online, and get them to consider you and eventually convert. It lets you show adverts to people after they visit your website, or do specific things that indicate their interest.


👉  Your first step in retargeting is to define your target audience.

There are lots of retargeting solutions out there to choose from, and many display networks offer this feature as well.


🤓  Keep in mind

This won’t be a list of individual people with any personal information, such as names or email addresses. Instead, it’s an anonymous list (often called a retargeting list) of users that match your criteria who can be retargeted with ads.



👉  Your retargeting service might need you to add a little code to your web pages.

Or integrate it in your web analytics tool, so it can start collecting a list of people from your website who match this criteria. You can also hire a professional web specialist to help. 



👉  It tracks what people do on your website.

And then creates an audience based on their actions, letting advertisers design specific ads for people who have - or haven’t - done specific things.



🚩  TIPS:

Once they’ve completed the action you wished, there’s no need to show them the same ads anymore. So you might want to create a new retargeting list for current subscribers.





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