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How to design campaigns with mobile friendly results?


💡 Mobile-friendly sites

It’s important to make sure your website works well on mobiles. A mobile-friendly website can bring you more site visitors, give them a better experience, and bring in more customers or followers. Offering most of the same things as your main site, but are just built to work well on smaller screens. Visitors access a mobile site on a mobile web browser, just as they would on a full-size computer browser.

  • Your loading speeds should be super fast. Nobody likes to wait for a website to load. Especially people using mobile devices.
  • Usable on the smallest mobile screen. Make sure your website looks and works the way it should on all types of mobiles.
  • Your site should be really easy to use for people on mobiles. That means nice big buttons that are easy to see and click, minimising typing, and clear navigation options.
    • The navigation should be clear and simple to use.
    • Fonts and buttons should be easy to read and click on.
    • Visitors should immediately understand their next possible steps, and how to take action.
    • Even the smaller screen size, website visitors should be able to complete common, important tasks.



💡 Mobile SEO: Search Engine Optimisation, with a focus on mobile.

Once you’ve created a mobile-friendly site, you’ll want to help search engines find it, understand it, and hopefully show it in the results.

👉  Performance:

How quickly a site loads, and this can be impacted by many things, such as overly large images and file sizes, or the server that hosts your website.


👉  Usability:

A visitor’s experience using your website. Generally speaking, if your website has a good mobile user experience, it will be more likely to appear in mobile search results.


🚩 TIPS: 

You can do a quick mobile check-up of your site by visiting Google’s Mobile Friendly Test. (





💡 Mobile Apps:

Mobile Apps are applications that can be downloaded and installed onto a mobile. The apps typically provide a specific function that’s not as easily accomplished on a web browser. They are often integrated with common smartphone features, like the camera or GPS.


👉  Benefits of apps:
  • They can send messages to a person’s mobile, even when they’re not using the app. These are called “push notifications”.
  • Your app could also power a new loyalty program. Your customers could use the app to earn points for their purchases.
  • Simplified checkout on your app could allow customers to make a purchase in just a few clicks. And then, your app can use their mobile’s GPS to share directions to your physical shop.


👉  How to get started? 

2 things to think about: 

  • Your business goals
  • What you would like visitors to accomplish on a mobile.


2 ways for development:

  1. Find a professional app developer to work with.
  2. Check out one of the DIY tools which you can pretty much create by yourself. 



🚩  TIPS: DIY App Builder





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