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How to connect with locals online?


Once you have your business with a website, you can start thinking to get in touch with more reliable channels where you can get exposure in front of the local users who are searching the business nearby. 


🤓  Keep in mind 

Having a website might not be necessary, but it will definitely help users to know more about you and build instant trust, and save your time to answer random phone calls with repeating questions. 


💡 Online Local Profile

Take advantage of the major search engines’ local business listings and create profiles on business directory websites, review sites.


👉  Good Channels to advertise on the web:


  • Search engines:
  • You can bid to show your ad when people type in certain search terms, and all of the major search engines allow you to limit your ads showing to only people in certain locations and geographies.


  • Social networks:
  • It offers business pages, as well as paid advertising to target local customers. The social networks can figure out where people are, and just like with search engines, you can specify your ads to show only to people who are nearby with a really relevant, local message.


  • Online business directories & reviews sites:
  • Local listing website is always the easiest way to start. Normally they will come with a review function, and you can start building your positive feedback because people do rely on reviews to make their decisions. This is usually free, you can often pay a little more to get your ad shown in premium locations like search results or even on your competitors’ listings!

    1. You can find the local listing sites such as Yellow Page or Yelp. The choices vary, depending on your business locations. 
    2. Or you can use Free Google Business Listing, and it will list you on Google Maps and create a profile on Google Search Results. Find out more


    🚩  TIPS: 

    Google Business Listing - Get listed on Google 



    👉  What Informations are required?

    Normally you need to include those basic pieces. 

    • Business Name
    • Address
    • Phone number
    • Business hours 
    • Website or Social Pages


    🚩  TIPS: 

    Telephone numbers should be local as well, including area and country code, so generally you won’t want to use a freephone number. But you can list your free number on your Website or Campaign for certain marketing or support purposes. 


    🤓  Keep in mind 

     You always want to keep your local listings consistent and up-to-date.



    💡 Reach Locals on Mobile

    Local users tend to use their mobile devices when they’re out of the house. So making sure you can be found on mobile is very important for effective results. 


    👉  Business Listing on Mobile

    3 things to consider 


  • Responsive with devices
    Make sure your customers can find you online, using any device, and have a good experience whether they’re on a laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet.

  • Leverage device technology
    • Think about using mobile specific technology like GPS and apps to motivate customers with local features and promotions.


    • Target on locals
    • If you’re advertising locally, you can target people nearby and on the go with your campaigns.



      🚩 TIPS: Add location details to your website

      Continually add quality content that’s relevant to your audience and highlights the location of your business.


      🤓  Keep in mind 

      Check your business listings on search engines and local business directories and ensure your site is mobile-friendly and easy for both search engines and visitors to understand.





      👉  Or Build your own Mobile App

      Take advantage of some things that only mobile devices (GPS-enabled devices) tend to have. GPS functionality can detect where they are and direct them to where they want to go.


      🚩  TIPS: Leverage GPS technology with Mobile App

      • Send sales alerts messages when potential customers are within a certain distance of the shop.
      • Allow customers to schedule appointments for repairs, find answers to common questions or even order accessories.
      • Send reminders of cool events taking place at the shop, like a monthly group ride or free tune-up clinic.
      • In local advertising. Paid advertising programs help you target the right customer, at the right time, and now, in the right place.


      🤓  Keep in mind 

      • Data analysis is essential
      • Consider the need for speed
      • Own mobile ecommerce
      • ️Know the customer journey
      • Simplicity is key
      • Respect a customer’s time
      • Test, analyse & test again







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