What to think before starting international marketing? - Mirror Shen

What to think before starting international marketing?


💡 5 Steps to plan International Marketing


  1. Learn about the target market in each area you’re considering, and find out how best to reach them.

For example, with digital advertising, look at search traffic, competition and pricing. You can use search trend reports, geographic data in your web analytics, and marketing insight tools to help determine which markets would be the best place to start expanding your business.

  1. Overcome language barriers. 

You might need to translate and localise your website’s content. Automated translation services are rarely 100% accurate, so it’s probably a good idea to have a native speaker who can help you confirm the content has the right tone.

  1. Think about your infrastructure and the systems you’ll need to properly support your expansion into international markets.

Don’t forget about packaging considerations for fragile components, VAT, and any legal or regulatory issues.

  1. Review your e-commerce and payment solutions.

Although many e-commerce systems are able to set up multinational transactions, you’ll have to customise payment options and other settings.

  1. Getting your products to your new international customers.

What’s required to ship and deliver your orders? What about refunds? Customer service and support?



💡 Tools to plan expanding Business Overseas


👉  Google’s Market Finder

This free tool allows you to quickly analyse search traffic on keywords that are important to your business. By using the Google Market Finder, you can make more informed decisions about where to invest in expanding your business.



👉  Google’s Keyword Planner

It helps find out how much competition there is for search ads. This will help you know whether you’re entering a market with few competitors, or whether you’ll be entering an already crowded space.



👉  Web analytics

Whether you’re using Google Analytics or any of the other common analytics tools, you can check whether people in other markets are already showing interest in your business.






💡 8 steps to ensure you’re set up for success

  1. Make your business accessible to new customers.
  2. Examine your supply chain processes and how they will work across borders.
  3. Research legal and governmental regulations that affect doing business.
  4. Check customs duties or tariffs
  5. Check local taxes
  6. Check exchange rates
  7. Research product safety requirements
  8. Research whether you need insurance cover





💡 Product delivery to international customers

You can work with shipping partner and think about:

  • Your inventory
  • Supply chain
  • Cross-border shipping
  • Customer support—no matter what their location.




🤓  Keep in mind

When you take the time to properly adapt your process, you’ll be setting up your business for international success.





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