How to work with a digital visual designer? - Mirror Shen

How to work with a digital designer for your marketing?


To designers, working with clients is like making a new friend. Everyone is different, so it takes time to figure out the preference and work out a good relationship. I believe all the designers are great, and all the clients are nice. It’s all about the right matches. 


So I worked out a few lists that we can all think about before working together. Get prepared and we can all make things easier - avoid confusion, save time and focus on creating success.


💡 First, what do you want a Designer to help?

It's always a good start to open the conversation. There are heaps things digital designers can do. Each designer has different strength and expertise. Select from the lists below and ask if they are happy to help. If you are not sure, it's ok. designers will be able to figure it out with you eventually. 


 👉  Creative
  • Brand identity
  • Theme design
  • Character design
  • Art direction
  • Storyboard


 👉  Graphic 
  • Brand Marketing
      • Logo design
      • Digital ads
      • Social media posts 
      • Email signature
      • Newsletter email template
  • Presentation
      • Icon design
      • Data infographic
      • Powerpoint 
      • Proposal
      • Prospectus
    👉  Printing
  • Marketing
      • Business card 
      • Product label 
      • Product packaging
      • Letterhead
      • Flyer
      • Brochure
      • Uniform 
  • Display
      • Signage 
      • Pull-up banner 
      • Vehicle wrapping
      • Event backdrop
  • Merchandise
      • Folder 
      • Calendar
      • Pens 
      • USB stick 
      • Mug 
      • Bag 
  • Advertisement
      • Poster
      • Billboard
      • Bus Ad
      • Magazine
      • Newspaper



      👉  Video
      • Animatics
      • Promotional slides
      • Motion graphic
      • Filming footages
      • 2D animation 
      • 3D animation
      • VFX Special effect 
      • Full production with above elements


       👉  Interactive
      • Website design 
      • App design
      • Gamification 
      • Virtual reality 




      💡 What to expect and how to prepare?


       👉  What information designers will ask you?
      • What is your vision and business goal?
      • What do you want to achieve at this stage?
      • Any reference you can show to describe the concept? 
      • What are the specs? E.g. Display platform, size, font, file format, materials, etc.
      • Any deadline based on your stage goal?
      • What resources and advantages do you have?  
      • Do you have a team? What are their speciality and responsibilities?
      • Any 3rd party you work with? Printing company, Web Developer, Photographer etc.
      • What is your preferred contact method? And who to talk to at each stage? 
      • How much is your budget on this task?



       👉  After information provided, what can we figure out?
      • Standard process for this project, and might be refined accordingly.
      • Who to report to and responsible for approval on each task and stage.
      • The contact method of collaboration between designer and client’s team.
      • A fixed-price quote or estimated budget if based on hourly rate.
      • Estimated timeframe to complete each stage and whole projects.



      👉  Once all finalised, we will start the doing part
      • Double check the final specs which is restricted.
      • A few brainstorming for a clearer plan and direction.
      • Understand client’s design preference.
      • Get the content of wordings or photos from the party who is responsible.
      • Draft out a few mockup concepts.
      • Finalise the design details and have a few revisions till approval.
      • Set up the final file format that fits the specs required.
      • Deliver final designs to production - Printing, Web development, Filming, etc.



      🚩  TIPS: Vistaprint Printing System
      Vistaprint built an automated system that you can see all pricing, upload files or choose templates. Their printing quality might not be the best but they make the process easier at affordable prices if you cannot be bothered to deal with a printing company. It also helps designers to set up files because they have put all file specs online clearly.  



      🤓  Keep in mind:
      If things don’t work out, it’s ok. We are probably not the most helpful one at this stage, but we might need each other in future when the paths cross again and the opportunity is matured. We still appreciate that we spend the time on each other and give us the reference regards what might suit us better.

      It’s all about what insights we can gain from each event and make us able to make things better next time.