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How to plan business ideas before design?


We know people like to be creative sometimes but in the business world it’s a bit more serious because it involves lots of complication such as money, time, and people collaboration. Most successes started from a good plan. Without a plan, nothing will rarely work. Unless you are blessed to get some good luck or advantages that normally people don’t have. 

Even making a plan doesn’t mean it will absolutely work. But having a rough idea of roadmap and knowing where you are can keep you staying in the game longer with peace of mind. Running business could be stressful and only when you are exhausted with all the little admin and operation tasks, you will know how wonderful you can have a great sleep. 


💡 Be prepare to work with digital

Unfortunately with digital technology, it shortens the distance and time to make things happen, but it also means we are expected to be responsive. Once you are in the game, you cannot quit and pause easily because all the tasks will keep on coming 24/7. And you have to keep refining the process to make your life easier. 

Therefore, before you are stuck in the exhausting status, prepare enough and you can enjoy the journey more. Let’s see how to get it started.


💡 6 steps to start your business ideas

👉  First step, Define yourself with a Strategy.
  1. Define your business goals.
    Ask yourself what you want to achieve and what your vision is and why this business can make that happen.
  2. Define a mission statement.
    Tell the market what they need you. How you are going to solve their problem or improve their life. 
  3. Define the company’s USP.
    USP is Unique Selling Point. A short line to simply tell your audience about you and leave an impression.


👉  Once strategy is in place, you can develop yourself
  1. Develop and Launch a website.
    Build your own online presence and reach more people online via computer and mobile smartphone.
  2. Develop digital marketing.
    Go through market and competitor research and work out your targeted campaigns for conversions.
  3. Develop an audience base.
    Once you catch attention from your campaigns, you can collect audiences and build your own community.



💡 How to write an Introduction?

The messages delivered to your audience are normally words content in visual or audio. It’s crucial to write in a tone that’s confident, but not intimidating. 

  • The tone used should tell the story of the business and what it offers.
  • In your description, there should be mention of the fact that the industry the business is in.
  • For business, everyday language would be easy to understand, but it may not be appropriate for formal businesses types such as law firms. 
  • Try not to come across as arrogant and overconfident. It sounds like a sales pitch, not explaining how the business could meet the customer’s needs.


The content is always about what visitors/customers are looking for.


💡 4 Online Presences 

The standard online presences we will have to support business:

  • Websites
  • Business Listing with review
  • Social Media
  • Mobile App


💡 Audience Digital Roadmap

The main goal is to convert Visitors into Customers

  1. Online Presence : Showcase your skills or products via website or business listing
  2. Visitors : Share inspirations and build community via social media
  3. Customers : Sell services and recommended products
  4. App Users :  Engage users with loyalty membership and evolve business from there



🤓  Keep in mind
Get the plan ready! Keep things simple.
Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.





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