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How to manage online content marketing?


We have talked about How to plan a creative strategy for digital advertising and How to create online content for digital advertising. Now let’s go to the next step to discuss how to Manage the Content for your Digital Advertising.


💡 Start with a content calendar

Content calendar is a detailed timeline that organises your content marketing activity. By clearly outlining what to publish and when, it can help make your content process consistent and efficient, as well as give everyone involved a clear action plan to follow.


👉  How-to tips:
  • Make it achievable. Your content calendar should include realistic time frames - if it’s not achievable, you’ll fall behind schedule and your content won’t reach its full potential
  • Highlight key dates. Things like public holidays or relevant events are great for releasing seasonal content
  • Consider multiple channels. Think about how a variety of marketing channels, such as a blog and social media, can work together to promote your content marketing campaigns
  • Remember the audience. Clearly define your audience at each stage of the calendar. If you segment your audience, specify which group you’re targeting
  • Explore online tools. There’s a variety of free and paid tools available to help you create a calendar, publish content to social media accounts, or collaborate on content with your team. These tools can save you time by automating some of the content creation and distribution process.

💡 Measure the success of content marketing

Whether your target is to increase sales or spread the word about your business, if you don’t monitor your progress against your goals, it will be hard to know if what you’re doing works.


👉  How-to Steps:
  1. Identify your goals and objectives, and make sure they’re measurable and trackable.
    Once you identify your content goals, it will be easier to track what you set out to achieve.
  2. Explore specific metrics that could help improve your content marketing.
    Consider where your visitors are located, their age and gender demographics, how long they spend on a specific webpage and what they search for when they land on your site.


👉  Use online tools 
  • Social media platforms
  • They provide detailed information about the people who follow or subscribe to business accounts. This includes gender, age, and location, as well as which posts receive the most engagement. Such data can give you an indication of which content is the most effective at meeting your goals, and which provides you with the best return on your investment.

  • Analytics Tools 
  • They can show them where their readers are coming from, such as from social media or a search engine, and how many of their readers made a conversion action after reading a blog post. By looking at the data available, they could refine their content marketing strategy as they go, to ensure they meet the company goals and objectives.






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