St John New Zealand 2020 New Archive Museum

St John New Zealand 2020 New Archive Museum

Since working with St. John for ambulance fundraising in 2017, I've been invited to work with St John New Zealand Archive Museum to discuss about some video opportunity for community promotion. After their office relocation and 2 COVID-19 lockdown this year, we finally met again for a quick tour and go through more stories in depth. They are lovely people and passionate about their roles since their young age. I feel very privileged to be able to be a listener and will soon work out something with them to deliver some messages for positive social impact. 

Still remember the first time I visited the archive team officially in 2019 New Year.


Now they are inside a modern building and showing more collections. 

First Ambulance

The rise of home nursing in history


The equipments

The old Auckland Queen Street

The BLING parts fo St John