Interaction Design Best Practices: Volume 1 - Mirror Shen

Interaction Design Best Practices: Volume 1

Language English
Pages 107 
Format PDF
Size 8.5 MB 


It covers the interaction design techniques, theories, and best practices relating to the tangibles of "words, visuals, and space." Downloaded by over 35,000 people, the guide dives into topics like:

  • How to apply the 5 dimensions of interaction design
  • How to establish emotional connections through copy and visuals
  • The elements of visual hierarchy and how to influence what your users see first
  • The 4 types of signifiers and when to use them
  • Designing interfaces as a conversation
  • Why empty space is necessary, when used correctly





These three books below analyze examples from dozens of companies such as Netflix, Airbnb, Etsy, Behance, and Mint.