Blooming Dance

I was invited to perform an Opening Dance for an Event @ Stamford Plaza


Mirror loves Chinese folk dance and contemporary dance.
She presents herself as a dancer
with spiritual music to connect all our loving hearts.
In 2018, we collected the feathers to form an elegant white peacock
that shined with the golden flow and lighted up the hope for our charity act.
In 2019, we evolved after the trials and raised again as a Phoenix,
flying high in starry sky like a Blossom.
That was the galaxy built by all of us - the glowing stars.

Mirror 熱愛民族舞與現代舞的流動舞步,

Producer: Maggie Chen
Choreography: Daisy Pin
Art Direction / Dancer: Mirror Shen
Video Shooting: Michael Hsu
Video Editing: Mirror Shen