Aotearoa Bone & Stone Carving Academy

Maori Art Carving Workshop




Find Wellbeing through Creativity
“Following my passion for craft; I found purpose,
direction and have strengthened my identity I feel privileged and
grateful to be able to carve Pounamu stone,
found in the beautiful South Island waters of Aotearoa”
- by Carving Artist, Maha Te Hape Tomo





The Community
ABSCA has its own lovey community who are passionate about
Maori Culture and the 
craftsmanship from the arts.




The Education
They run workshop as education vision.






Artist Profile
Maha specialises in carving contemporary Taonga
inspired by Ancient Maori Artefacts 



Website Design
We have been with Maha since he first launched Toi Manawa and
we are glad to see his growth and bound community together. 
















A few sneak peak of the workshops


Auckland Council Showcase
They have been invited to create the workshops in MATARIKI Festival.