Digital Marketers with
Proven Results

I proudly represent Max Marketing team to contribute Creative Digital Marketing for New Zealand Businesses. Working with top NZ Expert Marketers, we help Kiwi businesses to grow faster!

At Max Marketing we we know the effort and demands put on small business resources to tell the story effectively and present the facts to demonstrate excellence and effectiveness. We have also seen first hand what becoming a finalist can bring – with our phone ringing off the hook the day after the announcement with new companies wanting to work with us.

As a company that ‘Walks the Talk’ we often recommend awards to our clients as a great way to build a network and build trust metrics within the brand that go towards helping customers to say ‘YES’ to working with you.

If you think that awards should be part of your marketing strategy, speak to us and we can help you formulate how this can fit into your wider plan, or if you are already a finalist or a winner, let’s talk about how we can leverage all that good PR you are probably already getting from the process.