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🎬 Production Design for Screen & Stage

🌷 Digital Media Background

Mirror Shen is a creator with over 15 years of digital experience working in film, web, advertising and marketing industries. In 2005, she won a Scholarship of Art & Design Elite in digital media, and was sent to AU & NZ to explore film and 3D animation. Mirror has led organisations to develop creative strategies and digital production that deliver magical results.

🌷 Production Experiences

From Photography, Radio, TV, Film, UI/UX, 2D/3D Animation, VFX to Event, Mirror has been contributed as Actor, Producer, Director, Script writer, Storyboard, Art direction, Creative direction, Set Design, Cameraman, Editor, Animator, and even Voiceover. Apart from commercial works, she won a few awards from some international film festival.

🌷 Meaningful Storytelling

Mirror loves art, and enjoys illustration, movies, dancing, and music afterwork. She also extended her knowledges to interior design, therapeutic art, yoga, and meditation. She believes the key to live life to the fullest is to implement Art in life with mindfulness. And she always apply these spirits in her production to resonate with audience life and uplift emotion.

🌷 Make a Lasting Impression

Running a project shouldn't be just a one-off show. It should be a Campaign with series of activities such as teaser, event, news conference, social media, newsletter, and prize draw, etc. With a marketing strategy, we plan the production from the very start and grow with on-going opportunities. Engage your audience with good content & digital marketing, and build your own community.

➜ What do you offer for Production Design?

Production design is the art of creating a project's aesthetic and interactive experience through the overall management of the art department. Just imagine it's the architect of a setting for a film, photography, broadcasting shows or theatre production.

To tell a good story with visual communication, I refine structure flow, design the visual concept, identify a theme style for sets, locations, graphics, props, lighting, camera angles and costumes, while leading the talent team to execute it.

➜ Do you take freelance design works for business?

Unfortunately I'm not available to do freelance design service such as branding, graphic, and website, which requires a marketing team to make a commercial plan for business strategy.

However, if you want me for design and website services for your marketing Campaign, please talk to my agency Max Marketing, and they will manage projects for you.

➜ Do you offer public speaking or Workshop training?

Yes, I've been in a few events sharing stories and insight:
• creative marketing.
• digital media.
• technology trend.
• startup journey.
• work-life balance, etc.

And I can run workshop with activities:
• mindful living practise.
• creative thinking session.
• digital marketing step-by step guidance, etc.

You can contact me via the project enquiry form.

➜ Do you teach Yoga or Pilates in classes?

Not at this moment. I'm a certified Yoga Teacher with Pilates teacher training experiences. I've been focusing on studying and sharing my knowledges via digital channels to reach more people who need help. However, I'm also open to any opportunities about community wellbeing.

I once got car accident and hurt my spine with 2 years back pain. I healed myself with yoga and working with lots of physical therapists. I can advice you the some solutions and procedures in the coaching, and indicate you the right therapists.

➜ Do you perform Singing and Dancing?

Absolutely YES! Singing and Dancing are the best gifts to send healing and joyful vibes to audience. I constantly perform for some events and enjoy spreading my vibes.

You can contact me via the project enquiry form.


Let's talk about fun opportunities.

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Whether you’re looking to build a personal brand, optimise your business, leverage digital tools, create daily wellbeing habits, or take back control of your time, I'm here to empower you with brainstorming marketing ideas, insightful 2nd opinion, and strategic solutions, etc.

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