Multimedia Artist Since 2003


Mirror grew up in Taiwan and got a bachelor degree of Graphic Arts and Communication, and gained a certificate of Game and Animation design from a Korean university. In 2005 she moved to New Zealand when she was offered a Scholarship of art & design elite in Digital Media. From there, Mirror achieved a certificate of Cinemation in Australia. Then she also completed a certificate in Animation and Visual Effect at AUT.

Mirror has extensive experience in the area of digital design since 2003, doing graphic, web(UI & UX), animation and film. She has also produced a few small films, which made the way to 5 film festivals all over the world and won best director award. She is always looking at inspiration for her new film & arts. Her dream is to produce good arts to inspire the world. On top of her Art Direction journey, she also helps integrate with Online Technology (VR, AR, AI) to deliver impressive showcase.

Mirror loves working in the art & design industry as she enjoys how different each project is. The main inspiration for her design is anything innovative. Mirror believes that the key to great design is having clear message delivery, and a great first impression.

Understanding that communication is a large part of her job, Mirror strives to get a clear idea of what the client wants so as to fulfil their expectations. While preference will always be different between people, this can always be worked on with great communication.

When asked what she would recommend to someone looking at getting a design, Mirror says “an open mind is always helpful; to discuss and listen to a professionals advice as much as you can before you start. Also make sure you outline your needs and preferences at the start so a great pre-production meeting can ensure a successful end result from the get-go.”

Having been involved in the design industry for so long, Mirror loves keeping up to date on trends, and passing these on to her clients. She always keep on learning and exploring new opportunities.

As she always says – Let’s keep moving forward and make things better.
( Original editorial by Sarah Gleeson )


出生於台灣,2005 年國立台灣師範大學『圖文傳播學系影視組』畢業,主修傳播學, 視覺傳達, 數位媒體, 電視廣播, 電影製作,並於求學期間於華視關係企業『台灣夢工場』多媒體製作公司打工,培養了業界經驗與數位影視的濃厚興趣。2004 年申請韓國世宗大學『3D動畫與遊戲設計』課程,親身體驗動態捕捉系統之特製緊身衣與操作系統,近一步提升對數位科技整合的概念。

2005 年榮獲『藝術與設計菁英海外培訓計畫-數位媒體組』獎學金,遠赴澳洲與紐西蘭參與培訓,於奧克蘭科技大學學習『動畫與特效』並親獲電影『魔戒』美術設計總監親自授課,同時於電影『納尼亞』電影片場之動畫工作室實習,並與當地知名電視台 TVNZ 之綠幕攝影棚合作完成專案。

2007 年於奧克蘭幾間數位媒體公司受雇為『資深設計師』,經手客戶領域橫跨有時尚,園藝,體育,國際賽事活動。同時服務於幾間廣告公司並獨立接案,參與之品牌經驗有:Olympic 奧運, Air New Zealand 紐西蘭航空, Southern Cross 南十字星保險, Netball NZ 國家隊, NZ Police 紐西蘭警察局, Auckland Council 奧克蘭市政府等等。

2010 年製作之影片,榮獲中華民國僑委會金僑獎『最佳導演獎』,2012 年拍攝之影片,榮獲歐洲某影展『最佳新秀獎』,並入圍多項國際型小影展,於巴黎, 倫敦, 紐約, 東京放映。2014 年其拍攝之世界盃橄欖球賽影片,獲得紐西蘭政府資助之 Telemovie 製作團隊受邀參與,並爭取版權認購。而其電影攝製團隊經手的影片有台灣外交部, Apple, Sony, Acer, Sapporo Brewery, ING, Under Armour, AT&T, St. John 等知名國際品牌組織。

Mirror 於工作期間不斷充實自我,擴充技能,研讀『形象顧問』,『瑜伽』以及『室內設計』等課程,以取得國際證照,期許將各方面知識整合應用於美學設計之上,讓美術設計提升到新的層次,創新的清新能量。

除了與電影攝製團隊持續製作影片,現於紐西蘭受僱於多間公司企業與社團組織,擔任『美術設計總監』,為客戶建立專業形象,提升品牌價值,也強化試用者介面與使用者體驗設計,內外同步提升。同時並與其數位團隊合作許多『創意科技』類專案,包含有電商網站,手機 App 研發,3D 掃描攝影,電影特效,虛擬實境以及人工智慧等等。期許能透過視覺和科技的結合,達到最驚艷的展示效果。





 Additional Specialities 


Mirror is so into dance movement and so far she has done lots art projects with Body Expression. In order to take on higher vision, she completed Yoga & Pilates Instructor Training and became an Certified Yoga Teacher. And can’t wait to put all her skills & creativities together with Yoga techniques.

After 10+ years dealing with Design Clients, Mirror realised she has been asked to help on Interior Design for their Living. She decided to study Interior Design and extend her skills and knowledges, so she can fully empower the Art into people’s Lifestyle.









• Art Director | Global Federation of Chinese Business Women Association, NZ ( May 2017 – May 2019 )

• Multimedia Artist / Digital Designer | TNZScreen, NZ ( Jan 2018 - Jan 2019 )

• Creative Manager | GOLDHAWK Properties, NZ ( 2015 – 2018 )

Film Director | ACRC, NZ ( Aug 2014 - Mar 2015 )

• Lead Designer | Zeald, NZ ( Oct 2011 – Oct 2014 )

• Multimedia Designer | Grand Creative, 99 Ad , Sugar Ad, Goodlife Production, Images & Sounds, Rascals.

• Digital Designer | Times Digital (Nov 2010 – Oct 2011)

• Senior Designer | Digital Partners (Jun 2008 – Oct 2010)

• 3D Artist | La luna Studios (March 2006 – May 2008)

• Production Assistant | 21 Imagetech Ltd, Taiwan (2003 – 2005)

• Digital Intern | Eastern Television (ETTV), Taiwan (2003)








    • Bachelor of Engineering – Graphic Art and Communication, NTNU, Taiwan.
    • Certificate of Game Design in Sejong University, Korea
    • Winner of Scholarship of Art & Design Elite (Digital Media Group) from Taiwan.
    • Certificate of Cinemation in Gordon Institute, Geelong, Australia
    • Certificate of Animation and Special Effect in AUT, New Zealand
    • Tutored by Grant Major – Production Designer form King Kong.



      • Interior Designer | The Interior Design Institute (2017)
      • 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training for Integrated Yoga| Kawai Purapura Yoga Centre (2016)
      • Pilates Instructor Training for Pilates Mat Basics | NZ Pilates Studio (2016)
      • Image Consultant | IAP Career College (2015)








        • Event Art Direction for St John Ambulance Fundraising Auction @ Skycity.
        ( 12th May, 2018 )

        • Speaker @ ASB Cube Seminar - Art of Living.
        ( 13th March, 2018 )

        • Speaker @ TJBANZ Taiwanese Junior Business Association of NZ’s Photography Workshop.
        ( 1st December, 2017 )

        • Speaker @ Paymark Event: Bring your Business online.
        ( 25th August, 2017 )

        • Board of Director @ Global Federation of Chinese Business Women of New Zealand.
        ( May 2017 – May 2019 )

        • Video production for Asian Crime Reducing Council.
        ( 2014 )

        • MC @ Hua Hsia Society Annual Conference.
        ( 2012, 2013 )

        • MC @ TYPANZ Taiwanese Young Professional Association in NZ’s Christmas Function.
        ( 2011 )



        with Storytelling, Storyboard, Art Direction, Filming, Editing, Special Effect, Animation, etc.


        • The Shannara Chronicles Filming Stunts (2017)
        • AON NZ Cyber Risk Promo Video (2016)
        • NZ Tourism TVC Filming Extra (2016)
        • Filming with Auckland City Council & NZ Police (2014)
        • Rugby World Cup footages used by TV ONE Film (2014)
        • Filming with Pacific Mermaid (2014)
        • Yates Australia TVC Storyboard (2013)
        • Filming with Auckland University (2010)
        • Casey Williams for Southern Cross & Netball NZ (2009)
        • PANDORA Jewellery (2009)
        • New Zealand Fashion Week Opening (2008)
        • MAC Cosmetics (2008)
        • SMASHBOX Cosmetics (2008)
        • TEBE Skincare (2008)
        • Richard Kavanagh Hair Stylist (2008)
        • Kevin Murphy Hair Stylist (2008)
        • Juliette Hogan Fashion Designer (2007)
        • Emma Ford Swimwear (2007)
        • Suzanne Paul (2007)
        • TVNZ Green Screen Filming (2005)
        • Kelly Park Film Village Intern (2005)
        • Motion Capture System (2003)




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