Mantra Chanting 初學梵咒誦唱 [ Cosplay 玩法 ] - Mirror Shen

Mantra Chanting 初學梵咒誦唱 [ Cosplay 玩法 ]

Mantra Chanting Practice 

Mantra Chanting helps keep your meditation practice
going strong and make potent additions to your yogic practices.
Chanting mantras involves repeating a phrase while meditating,
and is practiced in many religions around the world.
In order to chant a mantra properly, you'll need to pick one that
aligns with your spirituality and practice the connection.
We picked up a few of therapeutic Mantra that could
break negativity and bring you peace of mind. 

We are not perfect with mantra chanting, but we are keen to
share the good vibes of Mantra and spread the harmony.
Feel free to use your body as an instrument and
create the sounds that could resonance with the Universe.  

( Original Songs by Meditative Mind )











To be continued...