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Easter Wonderland


Illustration Design for Easter Wonderland Film Project.
A simple Styling Photography works for Easter Wonderland Film Project.








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The story starts with a boy who was enjoying his relaxing afternoon with breeze. Somehow he was drawn into an adventure with a mystery bunny and bubbles around. He went through those different scenes and kind of lost himself….. See what you can explore from this film. For those who are suffering confusion, frustration, and pain from your life, let go of the past and open your eyes to a peaceful future. A FRESH START AWAITS. Proudly nominated the TOP 10 of the NEW TALENT SHOWCASE of TaiwanCinefest Film Festival in Europe! The video had screenings in Paris, London, New York and Los Angels! And it was also nominated in 5 International Film Festivals.

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  • Skills:
    • Art Direction
    • Costume Design
    • Director
    • Drawing
    • Filming
    • Graphic Design
    • Handcraft
    • Photo Editing
    • Photography
    • Producer
    • Props / Decorations
    • Scene Setup
    • Story & Script
    • Storyboard
    • Theme Design
    • Video Editing
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