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AWARDS & NOMINATIONS! Easter Wonderland

Mirror created this short film for Easter 2012. She is a fan of Alice in Wonderland and some fairy Tales, and would like to put all elements in one work. Fortunately there were a few opportunities she can submit this work to international film festivals and came back with good feedback. 😀

  • Proudly nominated the TOP 10 of the NEW TALENT SHOWCASE of
    TaiwanCinefest Film Festival in Europe!
    The video had screenings in Paris, London, New York and Los Angels!
  • Nominated in Best Music Video from OneCloudFest Film Festival
  • Nominated in Best Short Film from We Like ‘Em Short Film Festival
  • Selected to be screened in Big Mini Media Festival
  • Selected to be screened in Creative Arts Film Festival
  • Final Selection of Best Music Video from OneCloudFest Film Festival
  • Selected to be screened in World Arts Film Festival.




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